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High quality, yet affordable!


It's never fun to talk about money, but we want you to know what a typical manuscript layout, conversion to eBook, or cover artwork might cost. We think you might be pleasantly surprised.


Book Layout

We can take your document, and turn it into a professionally crafted, ready-to-print book. Most novel manuscripts can be produced for $200.00. If your book has more than a few images, pictures, or drawings it might be a bit more.  

Sometimes authors whose books have charts, graphics, multiple fonts, or non-traditional layout will be given a quote to ensure any additional charge, for extensive layout time, is known up front.


You want to reach as many readers as possible, of course. Another audience available to you is the ever-growing eBook reading population.


We can convert your book into an upload-ready file. $150 is the typical charge. If your book has multiple images, or other graphics, we will give you an estimate first. 

Full Cover Graphics

If you have an idea for your cover, we can help you make it a reality. Do you already have a cover, but need a spine and back to match? We've got you covered there as well. 

To seamlessly match a spine and back to a cover you have already purchased, we charge $200. However, we bundle our options and give you a substantial savings! A full cover creation would run a little more, depending on the complexity of your idea.

Bundle & Save

Bundle multiple services and save money.


Manuscript Layout bundled with Spine/Back Creation: $350

Manuscript Layout and eBook Conversion: $300

Manuscript, Spine/Back Creation, eBook Conversion: $450.00


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