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Cover Design and Graphics


You never get a second change to make a good impression.


An eye-catching cover is the first and best way to attract new readers

Now more than ever the image you project with your cover is the driving force for winning that reader.

eBook sales only require a cover image, but when you move up to an actual printed version, you will also need a spine and back, and it will have to meet the exact requirements of your publisher of choice.

You're Published can offer full cover design, or, if you already have a cover image, we can create a spine and back that will seamlessly match your cover. If you have a series in the making, let us create a branded look for your cover and spine, marketing you to your readers.

We will create your professional image to the specifications of your printer, and will supply you with the file you will need to submit to them. 

Click to view a gallery of covers.

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